Top Condos in Griffintown That Are Worth Every Penny

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Griffintown has turned into the most popular place to live in Montreal. This neighbourhood experienced double-digit growth in 2017, and there’s no reason to think it’ll slow down anytime soon. Between the chic shops, trendy restaurants, and ample outdoor areas, it’s no wonder it’s so popular. That popularity has caused you to start looking for condos in Griffintown for sale that are worth the money. Just look for some features, and you’ll get the condo of your dreams in the best neighbourhood in Montreal.  

Start with Location

Griffintown isn’t a huge area, but still, you need to think about location when shopping for condos. Look for condos in Griffintown for sale that are located on the banks of the Lachine Canal. Some condos in Griffintown actually provide private access to this canal, so you can take your kayak out and enjoy the calm waters at any time. The banks of the canal are also popular for yoga or just taking a stroll. Getting a condo right on the banks of the canal will increase the value of your investment and will also ensure that you are happy in your home for years and years to come.

Consider the Common Areas

When looking at condos in Griffintown for sale, don’t just consider the actual living area. You also need to think of the common spaces. Some developers go all out when it comes to the common spaces, and that will add some extra value to your new home.

Common areas like gyms, conference rooms, and multifunctional spaces definitely increase the value of the property and make it worth every penny. You can even find condos that display beautiful works of art in the common areas. These features make the condos more than just a placed to live. They turn them into a home that you will treasure.

Contemporary Architecture

You also need to consider the architecture when looking for condos in Griffintown for sale. You want something that is well-designed, contemporary, and gorgeous. Griffintown is a chic, unique area, and you need a condo that is, as well. Look for condos that utilize the natural surroundings and provide you with gorgeous views of the great outdoors. The best developers think of every detail and create something you are sure to love. That means you won’t just pick up one of the condos in Griffintown for sale. You’ll buy something that you will want to show off your friends and family when you aren’t relaxing in the gorgeous space.

Shopping for Condos in Griffintown for Sale?

Now that you know what to look for, you can take the next step. Take a look around some of the condos in Griffintown for sale to find one that appeals to you. If you find a condo that has all these features, it will be worth every penny you spend. You will love your new home or investment property and will know you’ve made a wise decision when you sign the paperwork.