The Best Home Improvements That Increase Home Value

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When you decide to sell your home, you should seek to make some improvements that may guarantee you an increase in the sale price. Home improvement often sounds like a daunting task due to the amount of resources it requires. However, a lot of planning and organization will help you achieve your goals. You should get expert opinion from a home improvement professional who will give you current market estimates on the cost of repairs and renovations. This way, you will create a budget that will guide you throughout the process. A few elements will bring in the wow factor from potential buyers and increase the actual value of the home during appraisal. For further examples, check out our Seattle modern homes to identify properties that make a home marketable.
Create living space
Homes with large square footage tend to sell faster than small homes with limited living space. You can create an illusion of space by knocking out a few walls in order to create an open floor plan. You may knock out the walls separating the living room, kitchen, and dining room in order to create an open layout, which is the most likable market trend right now.
Create extra living space by building a deck that may be used for breakfast and dining. A completed basement will give potential buyers ideas of how to use the space as an entertainment room or guest room.
Paint job
Paint works transformational miracles by turning a piece of junk into a dime piece. Paint gives a home a theme hence it is wise to stick to a neutral theme by using colors such as white, grey, and beige. In order to save money, consider doing the paint job yourself instead of hiring a professional. You need to get the necessary tools in terms of brushes, painter’s tape, and tarps before you get down and dirty. Remember that two coats of paint are ideal for the walls. The benefit of neutral colors is that it gives the buyer room to envision their furniture and household items in your home without the distraction of bright colors or a dilapidated paint job.
If you have been a homeowner for a couple of years and you have never renovated your home, then this is your chance to ditch the old vintage look and embrace modernity. Do some research on the current market trends, which entail stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, wooden floors, and much more. Prioritize the most important rooms in order to avoid spending too much money on renovations that will not make an impact.
Remodeling may be as simple as removing carpet to expose the wooden floors or tiles underneath. It may also be as complex as taking down an entire bathroom and redoing it with a new bathtub and modern finishes.
Remember to pay as much attention to the exterior of the house as the interior when conducting home improvements. As such, ensure your curb appeal is top notch in order to create an inviting ambiance to potential buyers as they pull up to your home. Your budget goes a long way into determining the extent of your renovations.
Our listings of Seattle luxury homes come with quality home improvements that will assure you of a high home valuation in the event of a sale.