New Home Builder: Trends in Renovation and Home Construction

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One of the reasons why people are building a custom home or doing a home renovation is to create a personal space for their family, without being beholden to any trends. But for the sake of education, let us talk about the things that are happening when you are building a new home.

Natural selection

People doing home renovation or building a new home should stay away from hand-scraped and super-dark flooring. You need to consider engineered wood tiles that have a lighter and a natural finish. Most construction experts believe that gray, white, or washed-wood finishing are now making a comeback.

Think about limed, fumed or bleached wood with matte finishes, or a sealed only floor. These are the designs that are usually used in modern constructions. Do not count out engineered products, they are not cheap, but you can achieve an exotic look when using them.

You should also consider porcelain tiles and stone floors. They can give a more solid look for your bedroom and bathroom. To get a steel look window, you can tell your contractor to match the wood on the inside of your windows with the outside ones. Using wood instead of steel can save you at least $10,000.

More open spaces and clean lines

Most experts say that the construction world is going more contemporary. It does not mean that most people building a new house is moving into a Rachofsky-like, glorious design. But in general, homes have cleaner lines and less focus on the turrets, and the use of standing-seam roof tiles and Austin stones.

Mediterranean designs are not going anywhere. Even people who choose to stay with a more traditional exterior design are going for a more open and modern concept on the inside. It means that houses will have fewer hallways and tiny rooms. Having an open floor plan will have more useable space, a kitchen that opens to your den and a possible dining area.

Putting uplift-and-slide glass doors can bring the outdoors in. The key here is efficiency. Most homeowners should understand that all of their spaces should be usable.

Take some risks

Even the most risk-taking person in the world will have some fun building their new home. If you don’t like putting wallpaper as a design for your home, you might want to use glass or metal as your main design. One of the most common designs used today is the floating staircase.

It is a little bit risky, but the payoff will be great. Use patterned and intricate wood design or steel-and-iron combination. If you have more than one staircase in your home, you can use both materials for the design. The powder room is an excellent place to try bold paint color, audacious wallpaper, or outrageous floor tile designs and hardware.

There’s nothing better than entering a powder room with an unexpected design. If you hate how your powder room looks like after the renovation, it’s ok since the space is too small and the changes are not that significant, and it will not change the overall design of your dream home.

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Kitchen conversations

For most real estate agents, kitchens and baths are an essential part of the house; it sells homes. The kitchen is considered as the heart of every home. It is where food is cooked, and families are fed. Because kitchens are very important, they are also costly.

Experts say that they try to educate homeowners who want to start a new home about the importance of planning the kitchen the right way, the cost of a beautiful looking kitchen and if they need an expensive one. Most contractors tell their clients that they don’t need drawers in every part of their kitchen. You need to plan everything, including the shape of the drawers and how they will look after the renovation.

Ventilation is also important in every design. Most people don’t like putting ventilation in their kitchen design, they think it is ugly, but any decent contractor will tell their clients that ventilation is needed to pass building code. The focus on building a new home is to have a fine or wellness house. It is not all about cool design or what is trendy, but you need to make sure that the design of your home is safe for you and your family.