Alternative Ways To Heat Your Home This Fall And Winter

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It’s no secret that your heating bill can skyrocket once the temperatures drop. But you shouldn’t have to break the bank simply to stay warm in the winter. The good thing is you don’t have to, not with the various alternatives that are available for heating your home when the days get shorter.

Some of these are pretty easy to do and most of them don’t require any kind of fancy equipment. They’re all relatively common and many come as an added bonus to things you may already be doing in and around your home. So don’t spend more than you have to this fall and winter, you can save money with these simple little hacks for retaining as much heat as you can without turning up the thermostat every time.

Hot Water

The next time you run a hot bath don’t let it go down the drain so fast. You just paid good money to heat that water, why not get the most value you can. When you’re done in the tub, leave the water in there and let it cool naturally. The heat will rise and warm the room, while bringing a little additional humidity into the home.

That extra humidity is ideal for homes that rely on central heating as that can leach moisture from the interior air. That dry air can be rough on your skin and your throat.

Open the Windows

The sun is one of the best sources of heat for your home, you just have to let it in. So any windows that might be facing to the south or west should have their window coverings open wide to let those warm beams shine through.

Direct sunlight is natural and free and you should be taking advantage of this heating alternative as often as possible. When the sun goes down be sure to shut your window coverings in order to retain the heat and prevent it from seeping back out through the glass in your windows. Glass is a terrible insulator and your heat will escape if you’re not careful.

Turn on the Ceiling Fan

Your fan can be quite helpful in heating your home by circulating the warm air throughout the home. Just flip your fan blades upward first and they will distribute the warm that has been trapped around the ceiling. Warm air naturally rises so if it’s staying in one place and isn’t moved around by force you’re not getting much use out of it.

Bake Something

Ever notice how the kitchen and surrounding rooms get warm when you’ve got something in the oven at 425 degrees? Well if you’re trying to cut down on your heating costs, make dinner or bake cupcakes or put something else in the oven and when you’re done, turn the oven off and leave the door open. The heat your oven generated to cook your food will waft out into the house.

But NEVER use your oven to heat your home. That’s dangerous.

Check Your HVAC System

Sometimes you do need to the thermostat up to get your home nice and toasty. But before the fall and winter seasons begin, call your local heating service and repair in Richmond to make sure the system has no obstructions or leaks. A heating system that is running efficiently can also help you pay less.