Why Short Lets are Still a Popular Choice for London Landlords


London is the most popular travel destination in Europe with around 20,000,000 visitors annually and many of them are looking for a place to stay. 

Everyone knows hotels in London are wildly expensive and many visitors, looking for more space, value, facilities and flexibility are using short term lets London apartments instead. 

Short term let apartments are popular with visitors. Short term let apartments allow visitors to stretch out, make themselves at home and live like a local. 

What’s great about Short Term Let Apartments? 

One word – space. In an apartment you can spread out. You can unpack your gear in cupboards and drawers. You don’t need to go and find a laundromat or pay for expensive hotel laundry services. 

If, after weeks on the road, all you are craving for breakfast is hot buttery toast done just so, in the kitchen of your London short term let apartment you can eat your favourite breakfast as often as your like. Unlike a hotel, the toast will be piping hot and the butter melted just right. 

With bedrooms separate from the living areas, short term let apartments are great for families or groups, giving everyone plenty of space. 

There are short let apartments throughout the London area. It’s easy to find an apartment close to where you need to be using a short term let London apartment specialist.

You’ll feel like a part of the neighbourhood living in an apartment, buying your groceries at the same grocery shop the locals do, queuing with them at the local bus stop, letting the kids burn off energy with the local kids in the park. Simple authentic London experiences. 

Looking for things to do in London? A great place to start is www.visitlondon.com. 

And for business? 

Business travellers to London traditionally stay in hotels, but the more savvy of them are migrating across to short stay apartments, often for the same reasons as regular tourists. If you are in London for more than a few days, you need space to spread out and work. In a short term let apartment, you can have a client up for a meeting or a drink and close off the sleeping area, something you cannot do in a hotel room. 

While everything thinks business, travellers have unlimited expense accounts and eat at the best restaurants, most don’t. Most want values. No-one wants to sit in a pokey little hotel room eating cold club sandwiches. Short term let apartments are the smart alternative. 

Regus offer good, cost effective alternatives to hotel business centres and are located throughout London. You can find them at https://www.regus.co.uk/locations/united-kingdom/london  

There are lots of sites providing short term lets in London. Most are international sites without much local London knowledge. But Draker is a London business. At https://www.draker.co.uk/landlords/shortlets you can search by location, number of bedrooms, price, and let period. Draker offers a personal and comprehensive short term lets London apartment service for all London visitors.