How To Find The Best Estate Agent For Marylebone Property Rentals



Purchasing or selling a home is often the biggest investment decision that a person will ever make. Even though you can certainly find a wealth of info on this process online, you may have a hard time identifying trustworthy sources to use.

Hiring an estate agent is the surest way to avoid the many pitfalls of purchasing real estate. It will additionally help you get the best deals on the properties you want. While there are many estate agents offering these services, not all of them are ideal.

Following are a few tips for choosing the best agent to represent you in this incredibly important transaction.

Your Choice Should Be Guided By Your Transaction Type

Although all agents have the ability to work with any property buyer or seller, most agents opt to specialize in either seller transactions or buyer transactions. As an example, some agents work exclusively with first-time buyers or those who are on the purchasing end of these transactions. Conversely, a sellers agent might be largely focused on marketing and listing properties.

If you’re purchasing a property for the very first time or just aren’t selling, it may be best to look for agents who only work with buyers. On the other hand, if you’re trying to sell your home to finance the purchase of a new one, working with a sellers agent is probably going to be the best choice for you.

If you’re dealing with Marylebone property rentals, working with agents that specialize in rental properties is important.

Overall Industry Experience

Another factor to look for is experience in handling a variety of transactions. It’s actually quite easy for a person to become an estate agent. In truth, there isn’t much that people have to do in order to enter this profession. For example, if you’d like to become an attorney, there are a number of government regulations that you must meet and a lot of training that you’ll have to complete before you’ll be able to practice. Conversely, the bar for becoming a real estate agent is currently set fairly low.

This is why it’s important to base your hiring decision on the number of transactions that an agent has already handled. If a professional has only completed very few of these transactions in the past and doesn’t appear to have a lot of industry-specific knowledge, you should continue shopping for an agent with more experience.

Selling and buying property is important and these major transactions should never be left in the hands of inexperienced professionals. If you want someone to help you with your real estate transaction, get in touch with the seasoned agents at Jeremy James and Company today. We have many decades of experience in selling property and can give you expert, end-to-end assistance with this process.